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Care Bags

Provides Care Bags, free of charge, to patients of all ages receiving cancer treatment for all types of cancer. We give a personally prepared Care Bag filled with items to uplift and comfort during treatments.


Care Bags

Care Bags are filled with simple items that provide comfort and entertainment to patients who are receiving cancer treatment.

Care Bags are delivered to local Missouri hospitals. 

Our mission is funded entirely by fundraising and generous donations.

Get Involved

Care Bag Assembly

Our Mid Rivers Mall # 2440 (upper level - across from Auntie Anne's) location is a great place to visit and help assemble Care Bags! Bring your family and friends, church group, scouts, corporate teams, sports teams, or clubs that you belong to and give back!

Come in with your group 10-15 for a 90 minute session and package up a Show Me Care Bag that have been requested.

Spend about an hour decorating the box that the Care Bag will be delivered in as well as making the heartfelt card that will be tucked inside the bag.

Help us to continue our mission by coming with a donation of either items for the Care Bags or monetary gifts.

(suggested donation is $5-7 per person).

Please complete our online waiver prior to arrival.

Item Sponsorship

A popular way to provide sponsorship is through care item sponsorship.  

Collect and donate some or many.

Have a collection drive at your school, church, office or as part of admission to an event bring an item that can be included in a Care Bag to be donated.

We also appreciate corporate sponsorship of items as well. 

Corporate Sponsorship


Other Ways To Get Involved

Join us to bring Show Me Care Bags to patients receiving treatment for cancer and other serious illnesses.


Show Me Care Bags

419 Rayburn Ave

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